Important Questions to Ask About Portable Traffic Lights

If you're organizing a big event for your facility, you may want to get some actual traffic lights to help direct cars and pedestrians on that day. Portable traffic lights are also good for parking lots that are generally very busy, as they can reduce the risk of traffic backup and collisions. Whatever your reasons for needing portable traffic lights, note a few questions to ask about their function and operation before renting, so you're sure to get the right model for your particular needs and know they will work as expected.

Ask if they communicate with each other and how

If you need more than one light, consider getting those that communicate with each other, so you know they're in sync. This will ensure that one light won't turn green before the other is actually red or that they're both red for a few seconds, ensuring an intersection clears properly. Also, note how traffic signals communicate, as they may need a Wi-Fi signal provided by your company if they don't work with their own closed radio frequency.

Ask if they can be put on a timer or controlled remotely

Traffic signals may have standard timing for their lights, but you may want to personalise the length of certain signals for maximum control over traffic. Controlling those signals remotely also helps crossing guards to have full control over traffic, ensuring a lane is clear of pedestrians and cars before that signal changes.

Don't assume that all portable traffic lights work this way, as some very basic models may have their timing built-in and cannot be changed, and not all will work manually or remotely. Always ask about this feature for heavy traffic or traffic that will be directed manually along with the lights themselves.

Ask about their mounting and setup needs

Note where the portable light will be mounted and set up; if you want to put an upright pole on soft grass, you may need one with feet of some sort. These may need to be larger and more sturdy than if you wanted to put the light on concrete or asphalt pavement. On the other hand, your parking lot may have a streetlight that would provide a sturdy base for the traffic light, and you might opt for one with temporary mounting brackets that wrap around the pole. Whatever the setup of your parking lot, ask about your options so you find a temporary light that is best suited for the area.

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