Is Your Home Adequately Ventilated?

Good home insulation is universally beneficial and creates a win-win situation: the resultant drop in your home's energy consumption will both drive down your monthly bills and benefit the environment. It does have a small number of drawbacks, though. Homes with good double or triple glazing and high-quality insulation in the walls and roof can start to seem a little stuffy and airless—which in turn can negate some of the energy savings, as you find yourself wanting to turn on fans or air conditioning units just to get the stale air moving again.

The bad news is that those methods won't necessarily work; fans in particular aren't bringing new air into your home, but are instead simply recirculating the same old stale air that was there before. The good news is that this whole problem is surmountable with a good home ventilation system.

The three key benefits of good home ventilation

  1. Air Quality: Taking a deep breath of fresh, clean air is a beautifully invigorating experience. From a technical standpoint, there are several reasons for this, but one of the most important is oxygenation. Essentially, this is how much oxygen is in the air. Stale, stuffy air contains less oxygen, and as such doesn't feel as good to breathe. Good ventilation keeps bright, fresh, well-oxygenated air circulating throughout your home 24/7.  
  2. Moisture: Damp is a perennial problem for many homes, particularly in parts of the country that see more rain. Insulation is a huge help with this, but it can't do it alone—adequate ventilation is the only way to deal with the moist air that comes from inside your home, which insulation can otherwise trap.  
  3. Temperature: Fresh air goes a long way to help you with home temperature regulation. In the summer, you can use controlled ventilation systems to significantly reduce your use of air conditioning systems—and a cooling-specific system will be much cheaper to run than AC, making this a great choice for anyone who lives in a hotter part of the country.

Finding a home ventilation solution that's right for you

For many homes, better ventilation is a one-and-done cost that you can meet simply by installing manual vents in key rooms. If these are properly designed, high quality and installed by professionals, they won't cause draughts when they're closed. If you'd like something a little more advanced, or if you have a large, well-insulated loft space that needs some additional help, there are several options—everything from humidity-activated fans to full mechanical heat recovery systems. Contact a ventilation contractor for more information. 

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