Two steps that must be taken to ensure the accuracy of industrial weighing scales

Industrial weighing scales play a hugely important role in many warehouse and manufacturing facilities. They are used to weigh raw materials, inventory and packaged parcels, as well as many other things. Here are two steps that need to be taken to ensure the accuracy of these types of scales.

Have them calibrated regularly

Over time, industrial weighing scales can become less and less accurate. This is often the result of external factors, such as nearby vibrations which affect the mechanical components of the scales, but it can also be caused by everyday wear and tear. This decline in a scale's accuracy and reliability can have a serious impact on an industrial enterprise.

For example, let's say that the scales are being used in a food processing plant, to weigh the ingredients that will later be mixed together to create a ready-made meal. If the scales are inaccurate, the ingredients will be used in incorrect quantities; this could result in a low-quality (or even completely inedible) finished product.

Likewise, if the finished product is being sold according to its weight and the scales used to perform this weighing process are faulty, the end user may receive less of the product than they have paid for. If this occurs more than once or twice, it could have a disastrous impact on the enterprise's reputation.

This is why it is essential for those who make use of industrial weighing scales in their facilities to ensure that these scales are periodically calibrated by a professional who specialises in calibration services.

The term 'calibration' in this context, refers to the act of configuring a set of weighing scales in such a way that it continues to deliver accurate results, and taking steps to minimise factors which might result in inaccuracies.

Understand how environmental factors can affect the scales

The environment in which an industrial weighing scales is used can have a significant impact on its accuracy.

One of the most important steps which people should take to ensure the reliability of their scales is to place it on a stable patch of ground. If the flooring covering is soft (for example, if it is covered in thick linoleum or carpeting), or if there is a slight incline, this could affect the accuracy of the scales' readings.

It's also important to note that the floor should be stable enough to support not only the scales itself but also the weight of any items that are placed upon it.

There are a number of other environmental factors which can also affect how accurate this type of scale is. Extreme fluctuations in temperature (caused by, for example, the opening and closing of a nearby large-scale freezer), humidity and the presence of powerful air vents may all lead to incorrect scale readings.

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