Information on Fitting Your Roll-Up Awning

If you're looking to fit a roll-up awning to your home but are unsure what it may entail, the following information could help you decide if you wish to fit one or have one fitted by a company.

Know what you are working with

Take everything out of the packaging and make sure that you have all the relevant parts. Make sure to study the instructions and relate what they show to the parts in front of you, as this will make it easier for you when it comes to assembly.

How High You Want It

Spend a little bit of time working out how high you want the awning. It should be at a level where it will be most effective. Also, you should think of where the sun is most of the day and where the wind tends to come from. Once you have an idea of where you want it, you might want to have a second person take a look from a distance to see if the location looks right and will work. When you are both happy with where you would like to put it, get the second person to draw a line of the full length of the awning. Make sure the line is level, then go over the top to make sure that you can see it.


When you are ready to fit the supports, you can begin to fit the brackets to the place you are wanting the awning to extend from. Ensure you read the instructions to see if there is a set spacing for the brackets. Once your brackets are in place, you should now fit the spacer bar into the brackets. Next, adjust the arms to determine the pitch so that any rain will run off and not pool on the fabric.

Now that you have set your awning up, you should be good to go; no matter rain or shine, you can now sit out and enjoy your garden. If you have any problems or if you have any questions, the company that you bought your awning off of will more than likely be able to help you in some way. In addition, if you feel that you are taking on too much and wish to have it fitted for you, speak to the company that you bought it from and see if they would be willing to fit it. Just keep in mind that they might charge a fee to fit it for you.

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