4 Cool Pens to Buy Your Engineering Staff

Having the right pen is essential for your engineering staff to work well. Not only does it need to be practical, functional, and easy to use, the perfect pen will also be fun, novel, and inspiring. Sounds like a lot to expect from a simple writing instrument? Check out our list of awesome pens for engineering staff and you might change your mind.

Not sure that it's worth splashing out on these pens? Your employees are the most important part of your business. Treat them well, and you'll see great results in return. Wave goodbye to cheap ballpoint pens, and say hello to the engineering pens of the future.

1. Electronic Smart Pen

This clever pen is a great time-saver for staff who regularly make written notes, diagrams or sketches. The pen automatically tracks the user's movements, creating a digital copy of anything they write or draw. That means no more scanning in smudged sketches, or spending hours typing up scrawled notes. This pen saves your staff time and effort and ensures important notes are never lost.

2. Porsche Design Pen

What's more inspiring than a pen designed by one of the greatest engineers of all time? The Porsche design pens are made from extremely durable materials commonly used in cars and aircraft, including stainless steel woven cable, aluminum and rubber. These pens are so hard wearing that they're ideal for making notes and sketches in the field. They also look great around the office and are available in a wide range of styles and designs. Be sure to stock up on plenty of refills, because your engineering staff won't be able to resist these awesome pens.

3. Ruler Pen

This pen rules... literally. It's a regular pen with a flat edge and precise markings for any quick measurements needed. This is ideal for engineers who want to make lots of quick, small, to-scale sketches without having to mess around with a huge ruler. Having a team brainstorming session? Scatter a few of these around the table for your staff to use - it's small details like this that your employees will really appreciate.

4. SD Card Pen

Are your staff constantly losing memory cards and USB sticks? Keep everything together with a handy USB pen and card reader, with room for four separate SD cards. Having this pen on hand makes it easy for staff to exchange documents, store important files, and make copies of crucial information. Some models even include a microphone, making it easy to record notes and save automatically to the USB.

Want to show your engineering staff that you appreciate them? Invest in some of these super cool pens for engineers.

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