Is Your Concrete Patio Ready for Winter Conditions?

The outdoorsy living space on your concrete patio is a great place to unwind when the weather is nice, especially during the hot summer season. But when the cold winter conditions set in, you will need to protect your patio, patio furniture, BBQ grill and any other patio stuff you might have from the inclement weather elements. 

While you can put away your patio furniture, BBQ grill and any other patio items inside your garage, shed or any other enclosed storage area within your home, the concrete paving in your patio will remain exposed to cold and wet weather outside, as there's no roof above it to provide the necessary protection. This raises the question: is your concrete patio ready for winter weather?

Read on below to find out why winter conditions are detrimental to your concrete patio and how to protect the concrete from winter damage.

Why is winter weather hard on your concrete surface?

Concrete is irrefutably one of the strongest and most long-lasting materials available for paving installation today. Like other durable masonry, however, it is not entirely invincible. One of the elements that concrete paving cannot bear up against is the extremely cold temperatures of the winter season. 

The porous nature of concrete makes it susceptible to winter damage. When water lays on the surface of unprotected concrete, it will seep into the paving through the pores. As the penetrating water freezes and thaws, it may impose extra stress on the concrete to a level that causes cracks to appear on the surface of the paving. 

As the cracking in the concrete worsens, the aesthetic finish of your patio floor will begin to peel, chip or flake away, leaving the substrate concrete below exposed to the elements. If the issue isn't addressed early enough, your concrete patio floor may require replacement before you have enjoyed your money's worth.

What can be done to protect your concrete patio from winter weather?

Having explained why winter weather can be hard on your concrete patio, it is important that you take steps to protect your concrete. The ultimate solution to concrete damage caused by winter temperatures is concrete sealing. 

Concrete sealing involves applying high-quality protective coatings onto the surface of concrete. The coatings essentially seal the pores of the concrete so that water does not seep into the concrete pores. 

To keep your concrete sealer intact for as long as possible and maintain the beautiful appearance of your patio, try as much as you can to keep your concrete free of snow and ice. 

For more information on how to prevent winter damage to concrete patios, contact a concrete contractor. 

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