How to Keep Your Outboard Motor in Good Repair

Having an outboard motor can be a good choice for anyone who loves to go boating regularly, as being able to remove the motor from the boat entirely often makes it easier to maintain that engine yourself. However, having access to the engine doesn't mean you'll know what to do, and when to do it, to keep that motor in good repair! Note a few tips to keep in mind if you own an outboard motor, so it's always running as it should and will work for you every time you're ready to hit the water.

Spray the moving parts

Because the moving parts of an outboard motor are always exposed to water, and may be exposed to saltwater, depending on where you take your boat, those parts may be very prone to rust and corrosion. Spray the moving parts regularly with a rust inhibitor meant for outboard motors; this will help to dry out those parts and keep them from rusting.

Check the lines

Check the fuel lines regularly for any signs of leaks, cracks, and other such damage. The hoses and lines in an outboard motor may suffer the same type of damage as the metal parts, and when they crack, this can allow water into the fuel lines. In turn, the engine may sputter and stall and struggle to start. Not only is this dangerous when you're on the water, but it also means long-term damage to the engine itself. Patch up or replace those lines at the first sign of any cracking or other such damage to avoid these risks.

Check the spark plug

Check the spark plug for corrosion often, even after every use of the motor. These plugs can easily suffer rust and other damage, and this can also stop the engine from working. It's even good to have a spare spark plug in the boat in case a plug fails when you're on the water. Change the plug at the first sign of damage to ensure the engine starts and to protect it from excessive wear.

Use Additives

Fuel additives are very important for an outboard engine, as water can get mixed with fuel in the engine even if the hoses and lines are in good condition. Condensation and sediment can also make their way to the fuel lines, causing damage and hesitation when you're trying to start or operate the engine. Fuel additives meant for outboard engines can add a vapour coating around the engine that helps to protect it from excessive wear and from this corrosion.

For more information, contact local outboard motor service professionals.

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