How to make the right company workwear choice

When you need to decide on new workwear for your company employees, what considerations should guide your choice? Here are three things that you must think about before making that decision.

Reflect your company image

No two companies are identical, and no two companies will have exactly the same requirements for their workwear. There is nothing wrong with being inspired by the workwear used by another company, but consider whether that workwear is really the best choice for your own employees. Workwear will be worn by your employees on their way to and from work as well as while they are working. Workwear has an important role to play in presenting a professional image of your company to your customers, but it also says something to potential future customers. Potential customers are those who meet your staff while they are travelling to work or when they visit the supermarket or coffee shop on their way home from work. It is vital that your workwear presents a positive company image that will encourage people to make contact with your company.

Ensure the workwear is functional

Employees working in an office environment dress differently to those who visit customer homes, or those who work in a factory environment or on a building site. Even within different environments, your employees will have a range of distinct roles. It is vital that the workwear you select is flexible enough to allow each of your workers to carry out their role without hindrance. Do you need to accommodate workers who must carry tools with them? Does it make sense to include a high visibility-element to the workwear? Should the trousers be fitted with knee pads? Think through exactly what your workers will need to carry out their tasks effectively. If you aren't sure precisely what some roles might need, then why not get your employees directly involved in the choices that have to be made?

Check the quality before you buy

Sometimes workwear can look great in the company catalogue and it isn't until you actually get it out of the wrapping that it becomes clear that it is cheaply made, or too thin, or just not suitable for your environment. It always pays to obtain samples before you commit to a large purchase. Physically examining the items will allow you to tell if they are sufficiently durable and if they present the right image for your company. You could consider letting a few of your employees trial the workwear for a while and see how they get on with it before making it the standard for the whole company.

Go online today to start looking at workwear options that you may want to consider for your employees.

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