Where Does The Grass You Buy Come From?

Often those that are redesigning or adjusting their lawn ask a question that basically amounts to "where does this grass come from?". It is easy to imagine farms for all sorts of different plants, fruits and vegetables, but are their farms for grass? If you have ever wondered how the grass collection happens and where it all comes from, then here is a simple rundown of the entire process. 

Starting A Lawn Farm

Yes, the grass is farmed just like other crops but in a slightly different way. First, a lawn farm has to obtain the correct permits for land usage and water allowances. Depending on where the farmer applies and what the water restriction levels are, they will either be accepted or rejected. If they are accepted, then they have to get the correct seeds, fertiliser, harvesters and other machines that help make sure the grass grows evenly. Bear in mind that there are many different types of grass, and each species of grass has to be grown in a separate area so as not to mix them up. Once you have all the equipment, land and permits then the farmer can begin their lawn farm.

Growing Turf

A lawn farm (or turf farm as is it is commonly referred to) is quite an intensive worksite even if it just looks like a plain field of grass. Ensuring that hundreds of hectares of grass grow evenly and with a nice colour is not easy. Grass doesn't grow that quickly either, especially in winter, and it can take up to a year for turf to be finally ready for harvest. In the meantime, there are constant checks from Australia's turf regulatorAll of this work is multiplied by all the fields they are curating, and now you begin to have some idea of the workload a lawn farm requires of its owner. 


Once the grass is ready and the orders are coming in, the farmer uses their specially created harvesting machine to cuts the grass into neat bundles that are deposited as it goes over the field. These deposits need to be loaded and either taken to a garden supply store or directly to the customer. This process can take days if not longer, and the transportation of turf is an often-underlooked aspect of the industry. After all, most lawn farms are not that close to large population centres due to the need for space. All in all your lawn could have travelled hundreds of kilometres before reaching you and getting planted in your backyard.

Contact a lawn farm in your area to learn more.

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