Automobile Locksmiths: The Modern Option To Deal With Lost Car Keys

Keys are some of the most important — yet easiest to lose — functional tools in anyone's life. Australia's demand for locksmiths reflects one thing: the need to maintain and replace the protection systems of all essential adult possessions. The loss of car keys can cause a massive inconvenience on your day and a considerable dent in your wallet. Beyond arriving late to work, failing to take your kids to school on time or missing an important appointment, lost car keys can cause a panic that may last for weeks, unless a swift solution is found. Fortunately, automobile locksmiths now offer such an option.  

You Do Not Need To Lose Both Keys To Seek A Replacement

Many adults, unfortunately, wait till the loss of the second key obtained during the purchase to find a replacement. However, constantly having a spare is essential in a variety of ways. First, it will decrease the levels of stress involved in losing one set of keys. But most importantly, it will make your automobile locksmith's work easier.

If you still have a spare, you may have an identical key cut. However, because modern car keys all have electronic chip traces that must be manufactured individually and programmed to your car, this is likely to cost significantly more than it did a decade ago. The more features your original key had (door lock buttons, remote engine starting tool, etc.), the more the duplication will cost you.

If You've Lost Both Your Car Keys, You're In For A Longer Ride

Unfortunately, having no spare key to duplicate poses a much greater problem than it did before the incorporation of chip technology in car components and accessories. The initial option may be to contact your dealership; however, this will require you to have your car transported to their quarters, where it will remain as you wait for a new key. Instead, you might want to have a mobile car locksmith service come to you.

Automobile locksmiths offer an alternative service to car dealership replacements. Car locksmiths are generally able to supply replacement keys and program your car to respond to them. However, certain brands of cars (Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Peugeot) will require prior dealer diagnostics and chip pin codes. In such a case, your locksmith service will order a key for you and have a spare key usually duplicated within a day of your new key's delivery.

Reach out to a locksmith near you like Armstrong Staysafe for more information. 

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