Fire Protection: 4 Things Business Owners Should Know About Fire Extinguishers

If you own a commercial building, there must be at least one fire extinguisher for emergencies. It does not take much to operate a fire extinguisher, but most business owners are trained by the fire protection company in the proper steps to take to ensure their fire safety units are reliable at all times. Fire extinguishing equipment is a crucial element in the business's fire safety unit, and you should engage a fire protection services for installation. Here are four things to understand about fire extinguishers.

They Come in Various Types

The market offers various kinds of fire extinguishers suitable for controlling different fires. It is vital to get a suitable extinguisher for your business setting, as metal and electrical fires can't be put out using the same strategies. For instance, grease fires, mostly from commercial kitchens, require a K extinguisher, while ABC extinguishers are most suited for small electrical or flammable liquid fires. When unsure which fire extinguisher will work best in your business, hire a fire protection service to help out.

They Require Maintenance

Putting up fire extinguishing equipment and then leaving it without maintenance checks does not enhance the fire safety levels in your company. Fire extinguishers require at least yearly maintenance from specialists to guarantee everything is functioning. Also, some jurisdictions require you to make monthly inspections to confirm everything in sight is okay. These maintenance checks are vital as they ensure the fire extinguisher will work when you need it. If you don't know the appropriate time to get a fire extinguishing unit maintenance check, ask an expert for advice.

They Need Recharging

If the fire extinguishers in your firm are rechargeable, it is important to refill them after use. Keeping these fire extinguishing canisters full is crucial in maintaining fire safety levels in the business space. Therefore, even when there is an accidental spill or when you use a small amount for a small fire, ensure you top it off immediately. That way, you are always prepared for when the next emergency arises. Get a reliable fire protection service to help you recharge the canister.

They Need Proper Disposal

It is irresponsible to throw away an extinguisher canister in the trash after use then purchase another one. Contact your local fire department to find out if they accept older fire extinguishers. An expert fire protection technician can also help you dispose of the old fire extinguishing canisters in the right way.

Maintaining your firm's fire safety equipment ensures your workers and clients are safe. Hiring an experienced fire safety firm ensures you get proper installation and maintenance of the fire safety unit. The experts will keep the fire extinguishers effective all the time.

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