Three Things You Need To Know When Getting Your Workwear Screenprinted

Workwear screenprinting is useful for all sorts of different purposes, but most businesses simply use it to identify their employees to customers. Unless you run a major business that has the facilities to print its own workwear, then using smaller, workwear screenprinting stores is your best bet for getting quality garments that put your logo in front of more eyes. But screenprinting does have its own rules and guidelines that you should know about when making an order. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to workwear screenprinting.

More Colours Will Make Your Order More Expensive

There are a few different factors that can increase the price of your order, but one in particular is the amount of colours. Most people will assume that, just like printing on a piece of paper, all different types of colours are included in the base price, but that is not correct. Screenprinting is not the same as laser printing on a piece of paper; it is a far more delicate procedure that requires special machinery and careful precision, so the more colours you choose, the harder this becomes — hence why the price is raised.

Placement Matters

Screenprinting is not an exact science, especially when it comes to clothing as tough as workwear. These items of clothing are, traditionally, meant to withstand any sort of dying or changes to their base colour. That is why it is very important that you know what you want before you talk to a workwear screenprinting company. Most people know they want their logo on their workwear, but where exactly? Placement is very important because it will determine how hard the job is and can affect the price. Think about where you want your brand logo or contact information, from the back of the shirt to the front of the pants, or anywhere in between. 

Not As Quick As Regular Printing

Whereas you could go and get something printed out on a piece of paper in a few minutes, screenprinting is not quite as quick as that. The printing process is much more difficult because of the thicker inks used, as well as the less helpful material. Clothing is generally built to withstand dyes and changes to its natural state, especially workwear. As long as you keep in mind that workwear screenprinting can take one or perhaps two days, then you should have no issues with the turnaround speed.

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