3 Reasons to Hire a Town Planning Consultant

While you can complete some construction and development projects without formal town planning help, you'll often find that the approvals process goes a lot faster if you have help from a consultant. Plus, there are times when you need independent and expert advice before or during a project. When might you need to hire a town planning consultant?

1. You're Working in a New Area

When you take on a project in a new place, then you might not have the local planning expertise you need. You won't have a depth of knowledge of local rules and regulations. So, you might put forward plans which won't be approved. This wastes your time and money. You'll have to amend your plans and reapply.

If you hire a town planning consultant with local experience, then they can check your project plans to make sure that they meet local rules and regulations. They can advise you on what you can and can't do. Your plans and project are more likely to get immediate approval if you work to local standards from the very beginning.

2. You're Working on an Unusual Project

If you take on the same types of construction and development projects, then you'll get to know how local planning rules work. However, if you take on a different kind of project, then you might not know everything you need to know.

For example, say you want to build homes on a newly-released greenfield site. Town planning regulations are likely to have specific requirements about builds on this kind of land. For example, you might have to commit to planting a certain number of trees on the site. Or, you might have limits on how many homes you can build per lot.

You need to know exactly how this impacts your plans before you finalise them. Here, a town planning consultant can tell you everything you need to know. They can then guide you through the planning application process if you decide that you want to proceed with the project.

3. You Want to Appeal a Decision

If you feel that a planning application was incorrectly or unfairly rejected, then you might decide to make an appeal. In some cases, it pays to take a case to a tribunal or planning panel.

At this stage, you need hard evidence to support your case. You need to know exactly how the appeals process works. A town planning consultant has the expertise you need to negotiate this process; they increase your chances of getting a successful outcome.

To find out more, contact town planning consultancies.

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